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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

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Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

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Electric Garage Door

Electric Garage Door

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If you prefer to do your own garage door repair, you should get acquainted with the best tips to make your work easier.

Improve your insulation efficiency

If you are planning to replace the existing panel and proceed with a new garage door installation, you should choose a well-insulated material that would also have greater resistance to the weather fluctuations. You can add insulated materials on your existing garage doors as well and the experts of Garage Door Repair Garland would recommend the frequent checking and replacement of the bottom seal, too.

Preparing to paint the panel

It's important to repaint garage doors during the summer to avoid rain and strong winds that would ruin your efforts. Garage door maintenance must precede any other procedure and it must be followed by good cleaning and the scrubbing off the residue of the old painting. Cover the garage door tracks, apply a varnish for resistance and choose powder coat, which is ecofriendly.

Keep securing garage doors

Never stop reinforcing the security of garage doors taking advantage of the latest technologies and products. Garage door repair will always be the first rule for top security in Garland but you can get a new CCTV system or add bolts, which can also be renewed regularly.

Don't get a door of the same characteristics

Since we replace the existing garage door rarely, it is certain that the old panel was old style and technology. Today, the new garage doors are insulated and, thus, thicker. Of course, by getting a door of the same characteristics, you might cut down on expenses from replacing other garage door parts, too. You need a new age mechanism for higher resistance.

Selecting garage door locks

You must choose a lock depending on your needs. Side door bolts are widely used because it is installed on the inside of the garage door. If you use your garage door as your main door, use deadbolt locks that use keys to be opened. If you want a modernized lock, buy electronic locks that use fingerprints to unlock.

Don’t leave the remote in your car

Burglars can do a lot of things to go past your security measures. Our garage door experts in Garland advice that you should not make their work easier by leaving the remote in your car. They may steal your car, get the remote, and get inside your premises easily.

Garage door lubrication

If your door is making an irritating noise, it is recommended that you use only the right lubricant. Follow the instructions carefully before applying to make it work well. Put enough lube on the wheels and tracks then test the door if it is functioning smoothly by pulling it up and down.

Try to detect unusual noises and movements

It is very important for homeowners to learn how to observe their garage doors. This is a vital preventive maintenance measure that most people do not take. Look for strange movements and noises that did not exist when you first bought the door. Moreover, try to figure out if both sides of the same component are symmetrical (pulleys, springs and cables).

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